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Children in all phases have achieved their best results ever! Well done everyone...


In Foundation Stage, children improved on last years results by a huge 12% and have exceeded Knowsleys average.


In Key Stage 1, pupils improved on last years achievements in all areas and achieved our highest results ever for KS1 which will give them a strong foundation to work from as they enter KS2.


In KS2, we achieved significantly higher than than Knowsley and national averages and in particular at the higher levels!


We are proud of our results and pupil achievements which are testament to the hard work of all pupils and staff. We need to carry out a full data analysis and once data has been validated we will interpret and share it more fully with children, staff, parents and governors. Initial data indicates that progress is good and outstanding in all key stages. Attainment is accelerated in KS2 as children achieve above and exceed national expectations at all levels.