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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

The Governing Body of Hope Primary School has a pivotal role in the life and work of our school. It is represented by members of the diocese and archdiocese of Liverpool, volunteers from the local and wider community, plus the Headteacher and member of staff. There are also two parent governors. The role of the Governing Body is defined in its constitution. 


Governors undertake their roles and responsibilities through committees.


 They are:

· Full Governing Body which meets normally 3 times a year

· Staffing and Curriculum

· Resources

· Pay and Performance


In addition, we have ‘lead governors’ who undertake specific monitoring roles in such areas as Safeguarding, Pupil Premium, Sport and PE, Special Educational Needs.


The main work of the governing body is outlined below:


· Setting and reviewing the schools aims and policies

· Taking the lead on the Headteacher performance management and monitoring of staff appraisal

· Monitoring the well-being of pupils

· To monitor and maintain the distinctive Christian ethos and values of the school

· Continuing to improve the standards of teaching and pupil achievement

· Setting the school’s budget and monitoring expenditure

· Interview and appointing teachers and support staff

· Acting as a link between the local community and the school

· Dealing with complaints about the school

· Drawing up an action plan after inspection and monitoring the success of the plan.


We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.



Headteacher: Mr John Casson

Chair: Mr Tim Molton

Clerk to the Governors: Mrs Wendy Fecitt

Committee Members

S&C Committee


  • Mr John Casson
  • Rev Jonty
  • Mrs R Hooten
  • Ms H Leadbetter
  • Mr L Anderson
  • Mr D Townley
  • Mr J Kane


Resources Committee (Finance/Premises/Health & Safety)

  • Mr John Casson
  • Mr Tim Molton
  • Mrs J Ellis
  • Ms L Doyle
  • Mr M Kellegher


Pay Committee

  • Mr John Casson
  • Mr Tim Molton


Appeals Committee



Admission Committee

  • Mr John Casson
  • Mr Tim Molton
  • Ms Lin Doyle


Head Teacher Performance Governors

  • Mr Tim Molton
  • Rev Jonty
  • Ms Lin Doyle

Steering Group

  • Chair
  • Chair of Committees
  • Headteacher

Committee Overviews

Full Governing Body

  • Monitor and agree changes to instrument of government including terms of office
  • Appoint, suspend or remove governors in accordance with Regulations*
  • Hold at least three governing body meetings a year*;
  • Regulate procedures of meetings e.g. code of confidentiality and code of conduct;
  • Appoint or remove the Chair and Vice-Chair*;
  • Appoint or remove a Clerk to the governing body*;
  • Establish the committees of the governing body and their terms of reference*;
  • Decide which functions of the governing body will be delegated to committees, groups and individuals and review the delegation arrangements annually*;
  • Appoint the Chair of any committee (this is delegated to committee);
  • Appoint or remove a Clerk to each committee (this is delegated to the committee;
  • Appoint associate members to committees and determine their voting rights;
  • Appoint link or designated governors, including performance management governors*;
  • Ensure Headteacher provides such reports as requested by the governing body to undertake its role;
  • Receive reports from any individual or committee to whom a decision has been delegated and to consider whether any further action by the governing body is necessary*;
  • Ensure requirements within Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education are met;
  • Ensure requirements within the duty to promote Community Cohesion are met;
  • Approve the first formal budget plan  of the financial year and best value statement; (currently  delegated to committee)
  • Ensure copies of minutes of full meetings are forwarded to the Local Authority;
  • Monitor and  keep under review School Development Plan;
  • Approve Self Evaluation form;
  • Approve school prospectus;
  • Approve written description of financial systems and procedures in line with LA’s scheme for financing schools;
  • Ensure school works within SFVS;
  • Publish proposals for alteration, change of category or closure of school*;
  • Recruit Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher*;
  • Determine arrangements for recruitment of other members of staff;
  • Participate in school self-review process including review of Governing Body  effectiveness;
  • Decide on decision to federate or form joint committees with other school Governing Bodies*;
  • Any items which individual governing bodies may wish to include; *these matters cannot be delegated to either a committee or an individual




Resource Committee



  • Approve to governing body, monitor and review within agreed policy review process, policies relating to:
  • Performance Management and development of staff:
  • Personnel including those relating to appointment of staff, health and safety, discipline, grievance
  • Pay Policy for all categories of staff and to be responsible for its administration
  • Allegations of abuse against staff
  • Staff appraisal
  • Charges and remissions policies and expenses policies;
  • Whistle Blowing policy;
  • premises/health and safety  issues;
  • use of school buildings policy;
  • charging policy;
  • accessibility plan;
  • Determine the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher, in relation to the School Improvement Plan and curriculum requirements and, in the light of resources available. Present to governing body for approval;
  • Monitor and evaluate the staff development programme in relation to curriculum and professional development needs as identified through performance management procedures and within the context of the School Improvement Plan;
  • Oversee the appointment procedure for all staff, having regard to the requirements within Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education;
  • Keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence;
  • Make recommendations on personnel related expenditure to the Finance Committee;
  • Monitor and  keep under review specific areas of School Development Plan for which the committee has responsibility;
  • Agree and monitor training strategy for teachers, support staff and governors;




  • In consultation with the Headteacher,  draft the first formal budget plan of the financial year and present to the full governing body for approval within required
  • Local Authority timescales;
  • Give due consideration for meeting best practice requirements as set out in the Schools Financial Value Standards (SFVS) and ensure compliance;
  • Ensure all spending provides value for money in terms of raising standards in education and sign best value statement;
  • Benchmark school financial performance against similar schools and report to governing body ;
  • Analyse and recommend annual statement of internal control and present to governing body ;
  • Establish and maintain an up to date 3 year financial plan;
  • Review and monitor the schools financial procedures annually and present draft to governing body for approval (unless approval delegated to committee *see below);
  • Receive and review a budget position statement including virement decisions at least termly and to report significant anomalies from the anticipated position to the governing body with recommendations for corrective/remedial action;
  • Ensure all Pupil Premium receivable are used only as described;
  • Ensure committee receives relevant, timely and user friendly reports on the budget with meeting papers;
  • Ensure that the school operates within the latest Financial Regulations of the Local Authority;
  • Ensure school co-operates with audit team including ensuring post audit action plan is drawn up and actioned as appropriate;
  • Monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds kept on behalf of the governing body and report on these at least annually to the governing body (including ensuring there is an annual audit of the school fund and other funds held by the school, undertaken by persons independent of operating the accounts, presented to governing body);
  • Review service level agreements and make recommendations to the full governing body;
  • Make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees;
  • Ensure, as far as is practical, that Health and Safety issues are appropriately prioritised;
  • Determine whether sufficient funds are available for pay increments as recommended by the Headteacher/Headteachers Performance Management Panel;
  • Undertake an annual review of all expenditure with a view to achieving ‘best value’ in respect of the use of the delegated budget
  • In the light of the Headteacher Performance Management reviewers recommendations, to determine whether sufficient funds are available for increments;
  • Ensure register of pecuniary interest of governors is maintained and reviewed annually and any updates on declarations and interests in agenda items are correctly recorded;
  • Ensure governors and particularly finance committee members have access to adequate training opportunities;
  • Monitor and  keep under review specific areas of School Development Plan for
    which the committee has responsibility;
  • Ensure minutes are taken at each meeting and that budget decisions are clearly minuted at both committee and full governing body levels;




  • Provide guidance and assistance to the Headteacher and Governing Body in all matters relating to premises and physical resources;
  • Ensure inspection of the premises and grounds, and prepare a statement of priorities for maintenance and development, taking account of the Local Authority
  • Building Condition Survey report;
  • Approve the costs and arrangements for maintenance, repairs, fittings and furniture, and redecoration within the budget allocation and to oversee the preparation and implementation of building contracts;
  • Establish and keep under review a Building Development Plan;
  • Monitor the school’s compliance with Health and Safety regulations;
  • Receive and consider audits of the buildings and fabric and recommend remedial action if required;
  • Monitor and review services from external providers and, where necessary, make recommendations;
  • Undertake an annual review of all sources of income received by school to ensure fees and charges remain appropriate;
  • Make recommendations to the Finance Committee on premises-related expenditure;
  • Establish and keep under review an Accessibility plan;
  • Monitor and  keep under review specific areas of School Development Plan for which the committee has responsibility;
  • Ensure extended services provided at the school are appropriate to the community are managed effectively;
  • Report to the governing body on the effectiveness of the extended services and recommend changes as appropriate;
  • Act in accordance with statutory requirements;
  • Consult with staff, parents, pupils, Local Authority, Diocesan Authorities, relevant organisations/agencies as appropriate;
  • Keep under review service level agreements and service specifications;
  • Monitor impact of service level agreements and recommend any changes to the governing body/planning group as appropriate;
  • Consider and report back upon matters as may be delegated or devolved to the committee by the governing body* see below.


Pay Review Sub Committee

  • Undertake decisions on recommended annual salary reviews for all staff (including Headteacher);
  • Advise governing body of decisions taken within the powers delegated by providing a statement of decisions taken – having regard to confidentiality;
  • Assist in monitoring and keeping under review pay policy and make recommendations to full governing body;
  • Assist in the determination of availability of funds for pay increments.


Pupils and Learning Committee

  • Consider and advise the governing body on standards and school performance and other matters relating to the school’s curriculum, including statutory requirements;
  • Ensure national curriculum is in place;
  • Approve/recommend to governing body monitor and review, within agreed policy review process the following policies:
    • the school’s Curriculum (on an annual basis);
    • Pupil health, safety and  welfare (including safeguarding and child protection);
    • Behaviour and discipline;
    • Collective worship;
  • Provision for equal opportunities, Racial Equality, disability equality and gender equality
  • Identification, assessment and provision for pupils with special educational needs
  • Child protection in accordance with statutory requirements and DCSF and Local
  • Authority advice and to ensure the policy is communicated to staff and parents;
  • Home/school agreements
  • Exclusions;
  • Complaints procedure;
  • Prospectus;
  • Monitor implementation and evaluation of policies relevant to the Terms of Reference of this Committee  (there is no requirement for policies for individual subjects to be approved by the governing body however, the governing body should ensure through the Headteacher, that policies are drawn up and put into practice in line with the aims, values, ethos and school development plan agreed by the governing body and in accordance with statutory requirements);
  • Approval all school trips involving an overnight stay away from home
  • Monitor pupil achievement against published/National targets;
  • Ensure that the school designates members of staff to be responsible for co-ordinating child protection and Looked After Children within the school and for liaising with outside agencies and to receive appropriate training.
  • Consider curricular issues which have implications for Finance and Personnel decisions and to make recommendations to the relevant committees or the governing body;
  • Make arrangements for the governing body to be represented at School Improvement discussions with the Local Authority and for reports to be received by the governing body;
  • Oversee arrangements for individual governors to take a leading role in specific areas of provision, e.g. SEN, Literacy, and Numeracy. To ensure regular reports are received and reported to the governing body;
  • Through the Headteacher, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning in delivery of the curriculum;
  • Through the Headteacher, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of SEN provision;
  • Consider school performance data and agree school targets for pupil attainment
    Monitor and review pupil attendance and absences and use of exclusion;
  • Keep under review the School Sports Premium initiative and ensure Government standards for Sport in schools are met;
  • Ensure there are rewards systems in place which impact positively on achievement and behaviour;
  • Monitor pupil attendance and absence rates against agreed targets, pupil exclusion rates and to consider strategies to improve them,;
  • Review annually in conjunction with the Headteacher the effectiveness of the
    school’s policies in relation to personal development and well-being and to report the results of the review to the governing body, including any recommendations for policy changes and priorities for the next School Development Plan;
  • Be responsible for addressing issues of relationships with the community and issues of promoting the school;
  • Actively seek the views of learners and parents/carers and of the school’s stakeholders and partners in order to inform the governing body and
  • Headteacher in their decision making about the way the school is conducted;
  • Have oversight of the development of and to monitor extended school provision and to report to the governing body with recommendations (including impact against pupil achievement;
  • Be responsible for primary/secondary liaison (as appropriate) and (if appropriate) further education liaison and for education/industry links;
  • Review annually in conjunction with the Headteacher the effectiveness of the
    school’s policies in relation to the views of learners, parents/carers and other stakeholders and partners and to report the results of the review to the governing body, including any recommendations for policy changes and priorities for the next School Development Plan;
  • Monitor and  keep under review specific areas of School Development Plan for which the committee has responsibility;
  • Consider and report back upon matters as may be delegated or devolved to the committee by the Governing Body.


Development Group (Operating informally)

  • Exercise oversight of the strategic planning and development work of the governing body and to advise the governing body and committees accordingly;
  • Develop a Monitoring Cycle for Governors
  • Develop the Governor Development Plan
  • Identify key development activities for the Governing Body
  • Identify potential Associate Governors or skills required by the Governing Body
  • Have oversight of and to co-ordinate the contributions of the governing body’s committees to the formulation of the SEF and the School Development Plan;
  • Consider any recommendations from committees, governors or the Headteacher with regard to the working of the governing body;
  • Keep under review the governing body’s Code of Conduct and statement on confidentiality;
  • Be available at short notice as source of support and advice to the Headteacher;
    Keep under review governors visits to school.


Hearings Committee – Staff Discipline

  • Make any determination to dismiss any member of staff (unless delegated to the Headteacher)
  • Make any decisions under the governing body’s personnel procedures e.g. disciplinary, grievance, capability, where the Headteacher is the subject of the action*
  • Make any decisions relating to any member of staff other than the Headteacher, under the governing body’s personnel procedures (unless delegated to the Headteacher)



Staff Appeals Committee

  • Consider any appeal against a decision to dismiss a member of staff made by the first committee*
  • Consider any appeal against a decision short of dismissal under the governing body’s personnel procedures e.g. disciplinary, grievance, capability
  • Consider any appeal against selection for redundancy
  • Consider and decide upon any salary/pay decisions made by the first committee


Pupil Discipline Committee

  • Operate within the statutory procedures relating to pupil exclusions, in particular to consider any representations about fixed term exclusions of between 5 and 15 days in one term, and
  • Consider fixed term exclusions of more than 15 days in one term (including exclusions that in aggregate come to more than 15 days) and permanent exclusions.
  • Review the School Behaviour and Discipline Policy, and make recommendations on changes, to the governing body or relevant committee in light of decisions made.


Complaints Committee

  • Act in accordance with School Governance Regulations and other legislation affecting the conduct and responsibilities of school governing bodies;
  • Consider complaints in accordance with the Schools agreed Complaints Procedure;
  • Advise the governing body of decisions taken within the powers delegated by providing feedback (minutes of meetings etc to remain confidential)


Pupil Admissions Committee – (Voluntary Aided and Foundation School only)

  • Determine offers of places for the annual admissions round in the light of the governors’ admissions policy and within the timescales and procedures of the
  • Authority’s co-ordinated scheme;
  • Determine offers of places to ‘mid-term’ applicants in the light of the governors’ admissions policy and requirements of the Authority’s co-ordinated scheme;
  • Review the Governing Body’s admissions policies annually and make any recommendations for change  to the whole Governing Body;
  • Ensure publication of the school’s Admissions Arrangements in the School
  • Prospectus and/or on-line as required by regulation and Codes of Practice;
  • Ensure that the consultation process is carried out in accordance with guidance contained in the School Admissions Code of Practice;
  • Ensure that admission appeals are held according to timescales in the Code of Practice and that appropriate case papers are produced as required;


Headteacher’s Performance Management Review Group

  • Arrange to meet with the School Improvement Partner (SIP) to discuss the Headteacher’s performance management and review in accordance with current regulations;
  • To decide, with the support of the SIP, whether targets have been met and set new targets annually;
  • Monitor throughout the year the performance of the Headteacher against the targets;
  • Make recommendations to the pay review committee (or pay review sub-committee, whichever system is adopted) in respect of pay progression for the successful meeting of targets set.


Selection Panel for the Appointment of Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher

  • Act in accordance with the School Government Regulations, the Term of
  • Reference Regulations and other legislation affecting the conduct and responsibilities of School Governing Bodies;
  • Appoint a Chair at the first meeting, unless appointed by the Governing Body;
    Decide criteria for the post, consulting as appropriate with governing body and LA;
  • Make necessary arrangements for advertising the post;
  • Shortlist candidates for interview;
  • Interview and recommend a suitable candidate to a meeting of the Governing
  • Body for appointment;
  • Liaise with Local Authority – the Executive Director of Children and Family Services (or his nominated representative) has a statutory right to be present and duty to give advice at all meetings of the selection panel. The selection panel has a duty to consider such advice;