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HOPE PRIMARY SCHOOL Believe Respect Achieve
Our 'Outstanding' Inspection report is now on our website. To read the full report Scroll down to...At a glance.....Joint Inspection report.


Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher Mr J Casson
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs L Elder
Assistant Head Teacher Miss D McConlough
Hopes and Dreams  (2 Year Olds Nursery) Mrs K McKenna (Lead) Miss L Ellison   Mrs E Kelly
Nursery Teacher Miss S Wilkinson
Teaching Assistants Miss M Byrne   Mrs R Miller    Miss K Jones
Reception Teacher (RG) Mrs M Gardner (EYFS Manager)   Mrs K Carrier
Reception Teacher (RH) Mrs H Robinson  
Teaching Assistants Mr E Baker  Miss C Sweeney (LSA)  Miss A Warren (apprentice)
Year 1 Teacher (1W) Mrs K Whittaker
Teaching Assistants Mrs M Leake   Mrs L Brennan   Mrs J Gingell (LSA)
Year 1 Teachers (1E) Mrs L Elder  Mrs S Williams
Teaching Assistants Mrs C McKenna   Miss H Cain (LSA)
Year 2 Teacher (2R) Miss R Russell
Teaching Assistants Miss H Simpson
Year 2 Teacher (2W) Miss N Webster
Teaching Assistant Mrs C Robertson  
Year 2/3 Teacher (3C)  Mrs H Chadwick
Teaching Assistant Mrs L Lavin 
Year 3 Teacher (4S)  Miss N Sykes 
Teaching Assistants Mrs P Coulter
Year 4 Teacher (4J)  Miss C Jamison

Teaching Assistants

Miss J Radford  
Year 4 Teacher (4M)  Mr C McConnell
Teaching Assistants Mrs D Thomas   Mrs N Randall (LSA)
Year 5 Teacher (5G) Miss C Gee 
Teaching Assistant Mrs L O'Callaghan
Year 5 Teacher (5M)  Mrs K Price
​​​​​Teaching Assistants Mrs M Kilroe-Gibson
Year 6 Teachers (6M) Miss D McConlough  Mrs J Milton
Year 6 Teacher (6P)  Miss C Potter
Teaching Assistants Mrs J Cain     
Inclusion Manager Mrs A Weslby 
Maths Specialist Teacher Mrs R Dean
PPA Teacher Mrs S Elsey 
Learning Mentors Mrs M Aspinall    Miss M Maguire
School Business Manager Mrs W Fecitt
Admin Team Mrs B Sweeney    Mrs D O’Hanlon
Premises Officer Mr D Bostock