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Hopes and Dreams is our setting for 2 year olds at Hope Primary and opened in April 2011. The 21st century learning environment is bright and airy providing large open spaces which caters for today's curriculum, providing innovative learning opportunities helping to create a wealth of learning experiences.


The Foundation Stage provides an enriched education for children aged 2 to 5 years, from our 2 year old provision, Nursery and Reception classes. We aim to encourage and help them to develop them as happy, confident, independent and caring children.


Children may enter the setting when they turn 2 years old. They can attend either morning or afternoon sessions as allocated by the school. Children enter the school Nursery at the beginning of the term after they turn 3 years old.


We are committed to supporting families and preparing all children for their successful integration into the school through a programme of home visits and activities which are led by staff from school prior to admission. A transition period will be available to help your child settle into their new setting.


We hope this booklet provides you with some valuable information about Hope and Dreams.

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