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New to Reception 2020-21

Lunch in Reception

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Hope Primary School as part of our new Reception classes!

As a school we have had to adapt rapidly over the past few weeks. It’s definitely an unusual and challenging time at the moment, and we know you and your child might be feeling worried about the transition into Reception this September. We want to reassure you that we are here for you every step of the way.

In order to follow the government’s guidelines, we have had to adjust our arrangements for supporting this year’s transition. However we hope the transition timetable below will help put your child (and you) at ease as they get to know their teacher, classroom and peers through a staggered approach.

Here is a list of key dates and times for September. If your child’s class teachers is Mrs Robinson then please refer to class RH and if your child’s class teacher is Mrs Gardener please refer to RG.


              Transition Timetable


Monday 7th September-Friday 11th September


Only children in RG that did not attend Hope nursery

Monday 7th September-Friday 11th September


Only children in RH that did not attend  Hope nursery

Monday 14th September - Friday 18th September


  9.00am -11.00am

All children in RG

Monday 14th September - Friday 18th September


All children in RH

Monday 21st September-Wednesday 23rd September


RG and RH to attend school for the morning session and lunch

Thursday 24th September-Friday 25th September

  9.00am*- 3.00pm*

All children attend full time

Monday 28th September- Friday 2nd October


All children attend full time


Please be aware that once the children are attending Reception for the whole day drop off and collection times will differ according to your child’s surname in order to maintain social distancing.


Time children should arrive and be collected from school

Surnames beginning with A-G

8.50am -2.50pm

Surnames beginning with H-O

9.00am and 3.00pm

Surnames beginning with P-Z

9.10am and 3.10pm